Saturday, February 25, 2012


BTS - Base Transceiver Station

A Base Station sub-system (BSS) comprises a base station controller (BSC) and several base transceiver stations (BTS) , Each of which provide radio cell of one or more channels . Each BTS has atleast one radio channels to carry control signals in addition to traffic. The elements of BTS are Tower , GSM Antenna , PDH & SDH microwave , Cables , Rectifier , Generator, TRU (Transceiver unit) , Duplexer , and cabinet and shelter. Here is some BTS photos , can help you to understand configuration and set up of BTS.
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BTS configuration
BTS Set up photosbase transceiver station

BTS cabling

BTS installation
BTS installation and configuration

BTSBase transceiver station

BTS Transceiver unit
BTS configuration

BTS power set up

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