Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pushkar - Tirth Raj Holy Place In India- Pictures

Pushkar also known as Tirth Raj - The King of pilgrimage sites , is a town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan in India. Pushkar is 14 Km far from Ajmer at an average elevation of 510 mtr. It is one of the five sacred pilgrimage site of Hindus. Pond in Pushkar dham was formed by the tears of Lord shiva which he is believed to have shed after the death of his wife, Sati.

It is also one of the popular destination for foreign tourists. Main attraction of pushkar city is Lord Brahma Temple built during 14th century. Very few temples of  Lord Brahma exist worldwide. Pushkar is also famous for its annual fair, known as pushkar camel fair held in November every year. 

Here are some beautiful pics collection of Pushkar

lord bramha temple outer view

Lord brahma temple

Pushkar camel festival

Pushkar pond view

Pushkar Pilgrimage view

Pushkar dham- Tirthraj

Pushkar temple view

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